Moving Into Van Life? Tips To Help You Choose The Right Floor Plan

Now, perhaps more than ever before, large numbers of people are moving over into van life. You can check almost any social media website and be bound to find blogs and videos from folks who have decided to part with tradition by living out of a van. Van living affords you the kind of freedom that you typically can't have when you're bound by a mortgage, rent and all of the bills that come with having a house. You're completely independent and can travel the country as much as your heart desires. If you've decided to partake in van life and want to make sure that your vehicle has everything you need for maximum comfort, the tips below can assist you in deciding what to purchase.

Choose A Layout That Accommodates Your Height

You're going to be spending quite a bit of time in your van. Sleeping, eating and just lounging around are all activities that you must plan for. You probably don't think much about your height when living in a regular home or apartment. The situation changes when you transition into van life. Failing to factor in your height could mean that you'll be spending several weeks or months in a very uncomfortable predicament.

When you go out to tour vans, don't just focus on doing test drives. Of course, you want to feel the engine and see how the van operates, but there is much more to consider as well. Spend as much time as possible standing up and walking around in the living portion of each van. Do you have to crouch down or is there enough room for you to stand up straight? It's very important for you to choose a van with enough room to stand and lie straight without having to hunch yourself down to do it.

Choose A Floor Plan With Adequate Storage Space

If you are moving into a van to save money, there is a good chance that you want to prepare the majority of your own meals. Eating out can get expensive, and consuming a lot of fast food might not be the best idea if you're looking to stay in shape!

Be sure to choose a van that has enough space for you to store your food items. You should be able to move around the cooking area and grab everything you need to have a homecooked meal whenever you want it.

Choosing the right model is the first step toward making the most of van life. You'll have the perfect vehicle that has everything you need to enjoy your new way of living.

To learn more, contact local travel van professionals.

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