Should You Get Your Car Windows Tinted?

Debating whether to get your windows tinted is a very personal decision. It helps to know a lot about the process, its benefits and its drawbacks before making your final choice.

What Are the Benefits?

First of all, the benefits. For one, getting your car's windows tinted protects both you and your vehicle. It protects you by filtering out some harmful UV rays that stream in at you as you drive. Over time, less exposure to UV radiation can mean that you are less susceptible to skin cancer, sun spots and other effects of the sun's skin damage. As far as your car's interiors are concerned, the sun's UV rays can also have a damaging effect, causing them to fade and become brittle. Since window tinting reflects some of these rays, it will slow (but not stop) the damage to you and your car.

Another benefit is based on heating. Less sunlight means that your car's interior will not heat up as quickly on a summer day. You won't have to turn your air conditioner up quite so high.

Finally, there are style benefits to having your windows tinted. Aside from adding visual style to your car, it allows you to ride in greater privacy since the windows are harder to see through from the outside. This can also protect the items that you leave in your car, since thieves will be able to see them less readily.

What Are the Regulations?

Before you rush out to get your car windows tinted, be aware that state regulations vary on how much tint they allow, and where they allow it. Some prohibit you from having the front windows tinted, for example. Others regulate how dark the tinting can be before it starts to affect the driver's visibility. Your auto body shop should have more information for you on how this works in your state.

What Is the Process?

The process of car window tinting tends to be fairly simple, and it can often be done on the same day that you leave your car in the shop. Window tint is actually a film that is carefully adhered to your windows by a technician. The process actually strengthens your windows by adding a protective coating that keeps shards together in case the window shatters. With such a simple and beneficial process, it's a wonder that everyone doesn't choose car window tinting!

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