How To Make Your Car Look Like A "Mad Max" Vehicle With Cosmetic Modifications

The "Mad Max" film franchise features some of the most iconic modified cars in the history of cinema. If you're a "Mad Max" aficionado, you've probably fantasized about driving some of the outrageous cars seen throughout the movies' post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sadly, most of the vehicles would be far from road legal — they're draped in heavy armor and often feature huge metal spikes, gun turrets, and other weapons for battling enemy tribes in the desert. Luckily, there are a number of legal cosmetic modifications that will make your car look like it rolled straight out of one of the "Mad Max" films.

Matte Black Rubberized Coating

Many of the cars in the films, including Max's iconic Interceptor, are coated in matte black paint. However, sanding your car down and having it repainted can cost thousands of dollars. That's where rubberized spray coating comes in. Rubber coating can be sprayed directly on top of your factory paint job, so there's no need to sand your car down. Just like the rubber of your tires, it's available in flat black as well as a variety of other matte colors. There are multitude brands to choose from including Plasti Dip, Rust-Oleum, 3M, and Flex Seal.

Matte black rubberized coating is the perfect paint job for battling in the post-apocalyptic desert — it's aggressive, intimidating, and resistant to road debris. The best part is that if you ever get tired of the "Mad Max" look, you can peel off the coating and your factory paint job will be perfectly preserved underneath.

Add Some Chrome

Chrome accents are another staple of cars in the "Mad Max" franchise. That's especially true in "Mad Max: Fury Road" from 2015, which features a cult of soldiers who worship V8 engines and chrome automotive parts. Compliment your matte black paint job with chrome accents to really establish the "Mad Max" aesthetic.

Start by replacing your factory bumper grilles with aftermarket chrome auto grilles to give the front end of your car an aggressive face. Add other chrome accents such as aftermarket windshield wipers and wing mirrors. Finally, throw on some aggressive chrome tail pipes so that it looks like you have cannons sticking out the rear of your car. Not only will the tail pipes make the rear of your car look battle-ready, they'll also give your engine a loud, throaty exhaust note just like the hot rods you see cruising the "Mad Max" wasteland.

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