5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping For A Truck Bed Cover

A truck bed liner can be an excellent aftermarket installation to make to your pick-up truck. Specifically, a truck bed cover can help protect items being transported while also adding security and value to your truck. Before you select a bed cover, however, there are some important questions worth asking that'll help you determine which type of cover is best for your needs.

How Often Will You Need to Remove the Cover?

If you use your truck to haul large items from time to time (such as recreational vehicles or tall furniture pieces), then you may need to remove the cover more often to make space for these larger pieces. If this is the case, make sure you invest in a bed cover that's lightweight and easy to remove, such as a tri-fold nylon cover or something similar. Larger and heavier covers, such as fiberglass ones, may prove too difficult to remove as needed.

What Kind of Maintenance Are You Comfortable With?

No matter what type of bed cover you buy, there will be some basic maintenance needs, so you'll need to decide what you're comfortable with. Fabric covers, such as nylon ones, need to be cleaned by hand using a gentle cleaner from time to time. On the other hand, fiberglass and other solid bed covers can be washed with a simple pass through your local car wash and are a little more durable as well.

What Will Be Most Compatible With Your Bed Liner?

If your truck already has a bed liner, you probably won't have problems with compatibility. However, if your truck doesn't have a bed liner, your options of bed covers may be a little more limited. You may even want to consider having a liner installed at the same time that you have your cover put on.

How Weather-Proof of a Cover Do You Need?

How water tight do you need your cover to be? This will impact the type of cover that's best for your needs. For instance, nylon and other fabric covers tend to snap on and are relatively water-tight, though aren't entirely weather-proof. If you need a water-tight seal, your best bet is to go with a fiberglass or other solid cover.

What Other Truck Accessories Do You Have?

Be sure to factor in space required for any other truck bed accessories you may have, such as a tool box or pickup rails. This way, you can make sure to purchase a cover that will fit over or around these accessories.

Contact local truck bed manufacturers for more information.

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