4 Types Of Auto Glass Coating That Is Beneficial To Have

If you own a vehicle, it's always important to do whatever you can to be sure that it drives properly and has all the right features to keep you and your passengers safe. This is why considering adding auto glass protective glass coating to your windows is a great idea. Here are four types of auto glass coating that is beneficial to have:

  1. Anti-Fog Coating: Anti-fog glass coating is the most affordable type of coating to add onto your car windows. This is going to help prevent fog from affecting both the outside and inside of the windows, which will make visibility during temperature changes while driving much better and thus safer. 
  2. UV Protective Coating: UV protective coating is pretty much essential and many people are starting to add this type of coating to their vehicles. With the ozone layer continually depleting, UV coating is even more important since the UV rays are much stronger. This is going to help prevent skin cancer, damage to the interior material of your vehicle, and more. This is especially essential if you do not park in a garage or you continually drive long distances for work. 
  3. ‚ÄčAnti-Scratch Coating: With the constant contact your vehicle has with dust and debris, your windows are more susceptible to being scratched. Scratches on your vehicle windows can be distracting and dangerous. This is because as scratches become bigger, the windows aren't as stable to protect your passengers in the case of a car accident. Glass can end up flying everywhere in the case of impact. With anti-scratch coating, you can prevent scratches from occurring, which will also save you money on the cost of having to replace or repair your car windows.
  4. Anti-Glare Coating: Anti-glare coating is something that is especially essential if you drive at night or during sunrise or sunset. The excess lighting will be filtered out so that you don't have to worry about the glare from city lights or the sun. This can prevent many accidents because you will have clearer visibility, which is especially helpful when driving at night when visibility is already somewhat depleted. 

By knowing the types of auto glass coatings that you can add to the windows of your vehicle, you can be sure that you are better protected while driving. You can even be sure that the value of your vehicle increases and you save money on repairs and auto glass replacement every year. 

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