Toughen Up Your Pickup Truck With These Additions

If you've just purchased a pickup truck, then you are probably interested in getting a few accessories for it. A dealer will not offer many of the protective accessories that will make your truck extra-tough. However, don't think that you should leave your truck as is. There is a huge aftermarket for pickup truck accessories, and in particular, parts that will make your truck extra-tough. Here are a some essential ones you should consider.

Spray On Liner For The Truck Bed

The truck bed is going to get a lot of wear and tear. If you've ever looked at an old pickup truck you will have noticed that the beds get really beat up. Even if you are not hauling material in the bed, it will still age because it is exposed to snow, rain, sun, wet leaves, tree sap, and lots of other things. Many people forget to clean out the trunk on a regular basis, so that material can accumulate and cause premature rust.

The easy solution is to get a spray-on liner. These are made of a waterproof resin. They will prevent rust. They are also great for when you are hauling material. You can easily wash out  the bed when you are done and not have to worry scratches to your car's body.

The reason you should opt for a spray on type of liner as opposed to one that is removable, is that the spray on style is completely waterproof. The removable ones are placed in like carpets. They have very tiny spaces between the walls of your truck and the liner. These tiny spaces allow water, melting snow, and dirt to get it. You won't see it, but it will be there under the liner causing slow rust. So, choose a spray on liner to avoid these problems.

Add A Push Bar And Bumper Guard

A push bar is great for preventing the front of your car from getting dented. They are made of large, tubular steel. They stick out a few inches from your front grille. Originally they were designed for accidents involving animals. They are now also used by law enforcement. However, they are also popular for civilian vehicles.

A rear bumper guard is based on the same concept. A steel tube will be attached to your car's rear frame and it will protect your bumper from getting smashed in. These are great if you are in a city where there is parallel parking. This way, if the person parking behind you is a bad driver, you won't come back to your car and find that your rear lights are broken or your bumper is dented.

For more information, contact a truck accessory dealer like The Hitch House.

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